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CUSTOMER Experience Design

We put together the expertises of our team of strategists, designers and developers to create unique experiences to your digital products and services from end-to-end. Adopting a customer-centered process, we start on researching to identify unique business opportunities and increase the knowledge over the user, then we ideate through a process based on design thinking and we prototype keeping in mind a competitive and agile time to market.

Deliverables: Competitive Analysis, Trend Research, Forecasting and Futurology, User Research, Business Strategy and Ideation Workshops, Design Sprints, User Journeys, Customer Experience Blueprints, Wireframes, Visual Interfaces, Clickable Prototypes, Style Guides, Usability testing reports and software development as needed;

Tools and Methods

Competitive Analysis, Trend Research, Forecasting and Futurology, Benchmarks, User Research, Focus Groups, In-depth Interviews, Stakeholder interviews, Online Surveys, Desk Research, Design Thinking

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